These are a few examples of the type projects that we have recently undertaken some of these we are still engaged on and work regularly with the clients.



Castle Gate - Nottingham

Grade II


Having recently acquired the Grade II building the new owners had employed a local architectural firm to design a ground floor extension. To meet the requirements of the local authority we were employed to complete a heritage statement that included an assessment of the significance of the asset, it’s setting and the impact of the proposed work.


Project involvement included:

  • Heritage Statement

  • Statement of Significance



DHBT Heritage at Risk - Derbyshire

Grade II

After being awarded a Heritage Lottery Grant in the early part of 2016, the Derbyshire Historic Buildings Trust (DHBT) is undertaking a project that looks at several historic buildings at risk within Derbyshire to find solutions for their rescue. This work is part of the restructuring of the Trust that was formed in 1974 and though active for over 20 years’ recent times as seen their involvement with projects go into decline. Being employed to provide project management we have been involved with the Trusts rejuvenation, the case study buildings and have helped to organise a residential summer school. With the project ongoing, we are still working with the Trust that is well on the way to being an active body within the heritage sector once again.

Project involvement included:

  • Project Management

Smiths Clock Works - Derby

Locally Listed


Though an undesignated asset the former factory site of “Smiths of Derby” clock manufacturers is of local importance and included within the Derby City Councils local list. Following the relocation of the business in the late 1990s the site has remained undeveloped despite previous schemes being proposed for its reuse. Being employed by a potential purchaser we investigated options for the site including the possibility of enabling development on the land to the rear and the conversion of the existing building to a bar/restaurant.

Project involvement included:

  • Heritage Statement

  • Design & Access Statement

  • Scheme for reuse  including enabling development


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